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i am doll parts.

The Application..

name: alie.
gender: girl.
age (minimum 13):23
location: buffalo ny.
sexual preference: i like men and am not objected to women.
relationship status: (pictures are more than welcome) taken, 1 year 7 months. (us being silly in a bowling alley last year)
body modifications: (again pictures are welcome) currently, 5 holes lower right ear, industrial in upper right, 4 holes lower left ear, 2 upper left ear, nose, lip, belly botton, vertical clitoral hood. no tatts yet, planning them. i had my nipples done and removed them for a production i was in where i was topless. i had my tongue done for like, a week and decided it was crooked and that wasnt right.
star sign: virgo
pets: bubba, who lives with my parents, he's 17.
bailey, buster, and rusty who all live with me and my bf in buffalo:



bands: tori amos, NIN, marilyn manson, dresden dolls, Bjork, radiohead, garbage, ani difranco, and hole. (i basically worshipped them in high school...94-98 ish.)
movies: i watch everything. - my life without me, empire records, the professional, natural born killers, pulp fiction, kill bill (i liked the 2nd one better actually), leaving las vegas, fear and loathing in las vegas, love liza (which is not about liza minelli..), thirteen, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, requiem for a dream, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, finding neverland, the silence of the lambs, fight club, american beauty, american psycho, a clockwork orange, ray, fargo, american history X, in america, monster, big fish, 21 grams, trainspotting, party monster, lost in translation, garden state, almost famous, closer, interview with the vampire, spun, ichi the killer, battle royale, se7en, forrest gump, blow....the list is long.
books: "i know this much is true" - wally lamb. "johnny got his gun" - dalton trumbo. "prozac nation" - elizabeth wurtzel, "wasted" - marya hornbacher, "a prayer for owen meany" - john irving. anything poppy z brite. anything vonnegut, anne rice, some stephen king, "morvern caller" (i unfortunately cant think of the author right now)....another long list. for the longest time i COULDN'T read due to some unfortunate medication..but im off it now and making up for lost time.
television shows: i really don't watch a lot of tv, it's mostly garbage. I loved Sex in the city (i got the entire dvd set for xmas)...6 feet under, desperate housewives (my mom got me hooked)...once in a while i'll watch real world. and simple life if i was drunk/stoned enough.
song: hrm. that's difficult. as of late, i'd think "good day" by dresden dolls.
lyric: (as of now) "She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My Fake Plastic Love.
But I can't help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run
And It Wears Me Out, it wears me out
It wears me out, it wears me out.

And if I could BE who you wanted
If I could BE who you wanted,
All the time, all the time,"
- fake plastic trees, radiohead.

quote: "no man is worth your tears, and the one that is will never make you cry". "love heals people, those that give it and those that receive it".
colour(s): red, black, purple.
artist: i want to say david lachapelle, but he's a photographer. so if that doesnt count, i like Dali, and H. R. Giger.
author: im honestly not sure. it depends on my mood and what i feel like reading that day.
food: sushi, particularly eel. ben and jerry's phish food, and their doonberry sorbet. Creme brulee.
drink: im a jack daniels girl. i also like dirty martinis. (grey goose or ketel one, 3 olives. and christina dirty, which is dirtier than prision movie dirty.)
hobbies: theater, performing, dance, photography, art, writing, singing, fucking around on the computer, photoshop, getting into arguements, spending too much money on things i dont need, films, dying my hair.
spanking, biting, S+M, creme brulee, my computer, my camera, cats, glitter, rhinestones, shoes (i have 200+ pairs), MAC makeup, changing my image

drugs: i feel that if one RESPONSIBLY uses drugs, knows their limits, and doesn't let their drug use interfere with their life functioning, then there is no problem with doing drugs. I have done many of them, (pot, alcohol, shrooms, acid, ecstacy, coke, speed, plus a multitude of prescription shit that is just fun) and yet i maintain my friendships and relationships, and managed to graduate college with 2 degrees and with a summa cum laude. most of my friends have done the same. it's about finding a balance between partying and responsibility, knowing who you're with and what you're doing....and respecting yourself in the end. but im all for recreational drug use.
religion: i was raised roman catholic. im recovering. i dont believe in "one god" or all the hypocracy that the RC church preaches. i love my sex, gay friends, and living life as i see fit, not as some 5437958473598473594737543 year old collection of scrolls written by rich writers dictates. i dont care if you're religious, but dont force it on me or we'll have a battle.
sex: again with the responsibility. have it all you want. be prepared to deal with consequences, both emotional and physical. i was 14 when i had sex, and i personally wish i'd waited. i wasnt ready, even though i was careful.
abortion: im pro-choice. i dont know if i could PERSONALLY have an abortion, ive never had to make that decision. but i believe strongly that it should be valid and available for everyone. i dont think that being irresponsible and not using protection should be a reason to end up having multiple abortions....but if someone's truly not ready for parenthood, was raped, or is in danger from the pregnancy - they should absolutely be able to terminate it.
pornography: whatever gets you off. i worked in the sex industry for a few years. it was a trip. it fucks with you.
war: i hate this fucking war right now. my friends have gone over there and come back changed people. my one friend lost her husband. it's retarded. the whole thing is bullshit. i hate the war, and i hate president bush for propagating it.

something you feel strongly about: freedom of speech and expression.
five words to describe yourself: intense, passionate, blunt, intelligent, insane.
three pet peeves: people chewing with their mouth open, or talking with food in it. fucking snoring and hoggging the bed/covers. homophobes, racists and other asshats.
something unique about yourself: i can do a split and touch my back foot to my head. i studied opera for 7 years. ive never seen any of the star wars movies.
which member do you like the best: i dont actually know any of them personally or very well. but i must say that im fascinated by sugarpuss
something random: my grandmother makes amazing rhubarb pie. we dont talk to her much because she's a vindictive asshole, but if i do again sometime soon ill have to get the recipie.
im italian, german, and english. so i can cook, drink, and kick your ass.
the first time i ever did acid, my friends fed me 6 hits. i didnt really know what ONE dose was. they locked me in a basement and fucked with the lights and played NIN. i ripped their water pipe out of the wall and flooded the basement. oops.

artwork (yours or something by your favourite artist):

3-5 clear pictures of yourself:

(pics for a performance piece i did)

(costume party, 1920's theme)

3-5 of anything you want:

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