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name: Liz
gender: Female
age (minimum 13): 15, nearly 16 soon
location: London
sexual preference: Straight
relationship status: Single
body modifications: I have 8 piercings all in my ears
star sign: Virgo
pets: None, unfortunately.

bands: Amen, Rammstein, SOAD, The Ramones, Trashlight Vision, The Misfits, Nightwish, Children of Bodom
movies: Phantom of the Opera, All Tim Burton movies, Blackhawk Down, Schindler's List, a variety of comedy/horror/action that I adore.
books: Chinese Cinderella by Adeline yen Mah, Other way round by judith Kerr - I love autobiographies
television shows:
song: Sonne by Rammstein
lyric: "Fuck your history, burn it alive!" - Mayday by Amen
quote: [On having a live cd released without his permission] "Oh well, what can i do-call Ghostbusters??" - Casey Chaos [Amen]
colour(s): Bright neon colours, black [Which isn't really a colour but so be it] :)
artist: Painting-wise, it has to be Picasso as I love how he uses his paintings in a way to portray the strange, weird side to the beautiful things; music-wise it is Trent Reznor.
author: I have many favourite authors, but I do love anything from Anne Rice to Philip Pullman
food: Falafels
drink: Pepsi
hobbies: Performing in my 2 bands, Drama, Creating music/lyrics, Hanging out with my good friends, going to gigs.
fetishes/obsessions: Music, most definetly.

drugs: Well its up to whoever wants to abuse it but personally, I wouldn't take that step towards taking drugs. I admit I smoke, but I would never dabble in illegal substances. It just ruins people's lives, and unfortunately I've bared witnesses to some of these.
religion: I am not religious [Although I'm a baptised Christian] but I have respect for other peoples' beliefs as long as they don't enforce ideas onto me.
sex: I am a virgin and definetly proud of it. Although I can't exactly comment on sex, I do think it's something worth waiting for definetly.
abortion: I feel strongly for/against it, but at the same time it's horrible to hear of what these women go through having to decide the life of their unborn feutus.
pornography: It's not my thing really, personally I find it boring but again I have no problems with other people enjoying it.
war: I think the war in Irag has turned into a pointless thing really. It's gone from a war to a total massacre. Just like many wars before. It's never solved anything over the centuries.

something you feel strongly about: Music I have to say :-P
five words to describe yourself: Weird, hyperactive, shy, kind and out-going
three pet peeves: People in general - there are some right idiots out there and that includes girls because I feel so alienated towards how they act at times, Politics and when people confuse honesty with being just down-right rude.
something unique about yourself: I had a birthmark on my belly growing up. I love old Hollywood black and white movies.
which member do you like the best: I don't want to say anything as I hardly know you all. Sorry.
something random: Cow ate my thumb.

artwork (yours or something by your favourite artist):
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3-5 clear pictures of yourself:
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3-5 of anything you want:
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