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The Application..

name: Carly
gender: Female
age (minimum 13): 19 (will be 20 in late november though)
location: Central Coast, Australia
sexual preference: Straight.
relationship status: (pictures are more than welcome) Single...but not...if that makes sense :) Have a wonderful relationship with my best friend who is also my ex boyfriend. Work that one out!

body modifications: Only my ears done twice. Am hoping to get my tattoo (the southern cross) done on my back in January after my holiday pay comes in!

star sign: Scorpio!
pets: Don't think I'm weird ok...I have one dog, and I love him to bits. I treat him like he's human sometimes :) He's a 2 year old Beaglier named Harper :)

bands: Switchfoot, Relient K, Missy Higgins, Pearl Jam, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Jamiroquai, Spinal Tap, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Antiskeptic, Sounds Like Chicken and anything big band. I love the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddies and anything of that genre.
movies: I am Sam. Honestly, this is the only movie I've ever cried in. I love it. That, and Moulin Rogue, Spinal Tap, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
books: Hunter (biography of Hunter S Thompson), Highway Rose Guitar, A child called it trilogy, My Sisters Keeper, Vanishing Act.
television shows: I'm not a big TV person, but the only show I watch religiously, is HOUSE. I'm a sucker for his witty humor and old man sarcasm.
lyric: Cailin, by Unwritten Law.

"Every beautiful moment in my life has also been imperfect and 
everything that has been painful has brought me to a better 
understanding of what beauty and truth truly are. This is the tension 
where we live – the halfway point. We’re skating on thin ice here. 
This is the beautiful letdown.” - Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)

colour(s): TEAL!!
artist: I love Dali, his paintings always intrieged me. I am a huge fan of Van Gough's "Starry Night" (perhaps it goes hand in hand with the fact I'm obsessed with stars?) and of course, my best female friend. She is awesome and I envy her creativity!
author: Hunter S. Thompson
food: Chocolate and Musk Lifesavers *blush*+
drink: Fresh pineapple juice :D Nothing beats it!
hobbies: Photography, Dancing (Ballet/Modern/Tap/Irish/Jazz), Music (I "try" to play guitar, play a bit of piano, but I love listening to it), writing, painting, charity work.
fetishes/obsessions: getting my hair cut/coloured, piano music (the inro to Desperado by the Eagles gets me everytime) and buying undies, oh and Gumby.

drugs: Personally, I don't believe they are for me. However, I am not against anyone who takes them. I believe it is your body, and if what you do to it makes you happy (and know your limits and be responsibilewith them), no one should stop you from that.
religion: I am a baptist christian, but I do not push my religion on others. I love others for whatever they choose to belive in, or not believe in.
sex: Hey, if my body likes it, I can't complain, can I? In regards to others, I believe in waiting until your ready. Something that takes a lot of thinking about, cause it can be emotionally hard for a lot of people!
abortion: I am for abortion. I understand sometimes accidents happen and while abortion may not be MY first option, I still see why other people may want it around, and who knows, maybe one day when I am in the situation, I may have to get an abortion?
pornography: As long as pornographee (does that make sense?) is of legal age, and its none of this child porn stuff, then I'm ok with it.
war: Like most people, I wish it wasn't around.But I do understand sometimes things like that have to happen. I hate it when the innocent get involved though...I really do.

something you feel strongly about: Belief in ones self. Love and trust in yourself and your bound to shine.
five words to describe yourself: Empathetic, Bubbly, Passionate, Creative, Fun.
three pet peeves: People who throw their cigarette butts out the car window, people who don't use their indicator while driving, and people who buy pets, and then once they are past the puppie/kitten stage, give it away.
something unique about yourself: I have a birthmark on my hip and I believe in angels
which member do you like the best: Honestly, I havent had the privalige to get to know any of the members yet (but hope to!)
something random: Ebay is the best thing ever.

artwork (yours or something by your favourite artist):

3-5 clear pictures of yourself:

3-5 of anything you want:

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