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name: Seattle (that is not a nick name or tag, my parents actually named me that)
gender: Female
age (minimum 13): 20
location: Manchvegas, NH
sexual preference: Straight, Bi- Curiouse
relationship status: Single,
body modifications: Belly button piercing, tatoo on left ankle I did it myself but pussied out on the s, it

took a total of 3 hours
star sign: Cancer
pets: 15 Dogs and a hampster

bands: Wheezer, Cake, The Beatles, Jack off Jill, use to like Evenesence when I could

download thier songs on
movies: Stigmata, Milo and Otis, The City of Lost Children
books: Alice and Wonderland, Left Behind Series, The Brown Fairy book
television shows: Law and Order (Special Victims Unit), Dark Shadows (real old gothic vamp

soap opera, I have respect for vintage)
song: Strawberry Gashes (Jack off Jill), I know it's one of the main popular songs but as

an ex cutter I will always have memories
lyric: "Heaven help me for the way I am.
Save me from these evil deeds.
Before I get them done."
Criminal - Fiona Apple
quote:I don't SUFFER from stress, Im a carrier.
colour(s): All of em as long as they are bright
artist: Sandra Doornick, She's a friend of the families and does some sick Joan of arc work
author: C. S. Lewis
food: Coffee
drink: Mikes Hard Cider
hobbies: Web Page Design, Pen and Ink, Writing, Reading, Hanging out with evil geniouses, PLaying soldier, Collecting beautiful things, and people (for propriety sake the people are friends...Although I do wish I could turn them into little dolls and keep them that way forever)
fetishes/obsessions: Something other than human, Cutting, Geniouse Men, Sadism, Abuse, Gothic Lolita, My Ex, Being Thin, Uppers, Coffee, Diet Pills, Ephedra, Piercings, Sexy Black and White Tattoos, Vintage, Old Sitcoms, Angry Girl Rock, Underground STYLE!!! PENISSSSS,BEAUTY!, Body products and smell good things

drugs: Like em, Love em, Want more of em
religion: Christian (surprised huh? We're all sinners and Christ is my sex GOD!)
sex: Dude if I could explain the many ways that sex is a miracle. I love it, wish I could have it more often. Though I'm not too kosher with the spread your legs to everyone. I discriminate to those who really know how to blow my mind. I want to be consumed by the fire. Guys Gals I love you all, as long as you show respect for all you can at least attempt to climb the ropes to my bed.
abortion: WTF! Are we still argueing about this when children in Guam are dieing of AIDS. Personally I don't care I just wnat people to stop arguing about it.
pornography: It is a sin *bats her eyes* but I too am a prono freek. I look at porn to get off, that's what it's there for. I guess if you were with someone and they started to have isssues in the bedroom related to porn then you might want to ease off.
war: Fuck yes! I'm an Army National Guard Recruit and I say the best way to die is to die fighting. Go America, you bumbling self centered pigs! The only thing I desire when it comes to war that it's for a good cause (subsequently this one we are in is not) and that I'm on the winning team.

something you feel strongly about: RESPECT, I believe that there are people in this world that have done great things and struggled beyond the average snow blower...these people diserve RESPECT no matter what your clique may be. Like Opra!
five words to describe yourself:LOUD! WILLING! DEVOTED! OBSESSED! FUCKENHOT!
three pet peeves: Body Stench- there is absolutly no reason for the funk. FEET!- I really don't know why but they're generally nasty. Disrespect- There are angry people and there are emo's and they're all fine and good but when it comes down to it you have to know when to act apropriatly
something unique about yourself: My eyes (they slant downwards)
which member do you like the best:fearxofxdying
something random: Live Long, Look Young, FUCK HARD!...and don't forget to bleed on your way out


Something simple I drew in paint for my bf Hillary

Me In my white lacy sequin nighty (most recent)

UBER sexy pic of me

My favorite dog tokey a incestouse accident of her mother/sister

Me smokeing yay for drugs even the sissy ones!

Other Pictures

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